Virtual Passe-Sports challenges are issued. Why virtual challenges?

You need to keep moving even though most sports facilities are off limits, so why not take part in these exciting challenges that will have you try—at home or outside—over 20 different sports presented by Jeux de Montréal ambassadors. Select your delegation based on where you live on the island of Montréal to earn points and see where your delegation ranks at the end of the program. There will also be a contest for everyone who participates in the virtual Passe-Sports challenge.

Awesome, right? In the meantime, here are a few details to help you prepare for April 7.

How to participate at the Jeux de Montreal 2022?

Children must be 6-12 years old on October 1st and live on the island of Montréal to participate.

First, you’ll need to create an account. On April 7, a sign-up button will appear at the top of our website’s homepage.

You’ll be able to enter all the required information there to create an account. You’ll get access to your Passe-Sports once you’ve completed the form.

Your assignment: finish all the virtual Passe-Sports challenges.