Gymnastics Rhythmic

Date and place

6 avril

Centre Etienne-Desmarteau

Station Viau

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Delegations represented

Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

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Sport presentation

An artistic sport with close ties to both classical dance and gymnastics that is performed predominantly by women. Five apparatuses can be used by competitors: the rope, the hoop, the ball, the clubs, and the ribbon. Competitors attempt to keep their apparatus constantly in motion. In competition, routines are judged by officials according to their artistry, execution, and level of difficulty. Competitors participate in individual or group events, which are made up of teams of five gymnasts.

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Sport Association

The Association Régionale de Gymnastique Montréal-Concordia (ARGMC) is a non-profit organization. The mission of the ARGMC is to promote and ensure the development of artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline sports in Montreal.



Rules of the sport

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