Date and place

2 April

Centre Père-Marquette

Station Beaubien



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Delegations represented

Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

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Sport presentation

A team sport created in Quebec by the company Ominkin in 1987. It is played by three teams of four players using a large ball (4 feet in diameter). The aim of the game is for one team to serve the ball to one of the two opposing teams in such a way that the ball cannot be caught before it touches the ground. The team with the ball chooses one of the opposing teams to serve to (usually the team with the most points) by calling “Omnikin” followed by the colour worn by the chosen team. Three players hold the ball and the fourth serves it towards a strategic area of the court. All four players of the attacking team must be in contact with the ball when it is hit. The players of the team chosen to receive the ball must catch it before it hits the ground. If this team catches the ball, it then serves to another team.

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Sport Association

The mission of the Association Régionale de Kin-Ball de Montréal (ARKBM) is to promote and develop the practice of kin-ball in Montreal. The ARKBM organizes classes, events, introductory activities, leagues, and trainings, while also managing competitive teams.



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