Given the exceptional context, the usual formula of the Jeux de Montréal has been revisited in a different way! In addition to virtual sporting challenges, the Summer Tour is being set up to get young people moving in day camps this summer!


In compliance with health rules, the organizing committee suggests going out to meet the campers in order to raise awareness of a physically active lifestyle, the discovery of different disciplines and the promotion of the Jeux de Montréal.

Offered free of charge to all boroughs and cities linked to participating delegations, the Summer Tour is a key project aimed primarily at promoting initiation into sports and a physically active lifestyle. In their vehicle, the Jeux de Montréal animation team visits young people, aged between 8 and 12, in their day camp to help them experience the magic of the Jeux de Montréal and promote the associated values. This summer, the animation team presents the discovery of for sports: athletics, badminton, rugby and kin-ball.

Sports initiations, educational activities, sports demonstrations and surprises of all kinds add color to their summer.

Have fun!