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April 6


Crémazie Station



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Children aged 6 to 11 to ride public transit for free from 4 p.m. Friday until service ends Sunday when accompanied by an adult with a valid fare. Find out more

Sport presentation

The scooter became a real sports discipline in the 2000s. This sport comes from the appropriation by scooter lovers, the practice of BMX.

It is practiced with a reinforced scooter and by performing various acrobatic tricks. Practitioners are called “riders”.  It can be practiced in several disciplines such as: flat, street, park, trampo scoot, snow scoot on snow, dirt scoot on land or ice scoot on ice.

Sport Association

The TAZ is a partner of the Jeux de Montréal in the organization of the Skatebaord competition. Created in 1996, the TAZ is a welcoming place for the practice of wheeled and alternative sports with facilities adapted to all levels. It offers different activities and services (courses, parties, camps) as well as a sports – skateboard concentration. Its team of coaches is a reference in the training of hundreds of skateboarders.



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Technical specifications

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How to register your child in scooter near you

To participate in the Jeux de Montréal, your child must be registered for one of the many activities offered by sports clubs and leisure organizations on the island of Montreal. Visit the delegations page and locate your borough or city to find out how to register.

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